Monday, August 18, 2008

starting the week right

my poor tummy’s not well since Saturday night. but not minding the fact that i can’t have anything heavy as i had to watch what i eat, we still went and had dinner last night with our friend, C at The Boston Bar in Jumeira Rotana. she just got back from a 2-week holiday in Manila so there were lots of chika to talk about. it was a spur of the moment meet up, to be honest. we were supposed to just come by her place and pick up her pasalubong for us, but decided it was best to have a quick bite altogether just to catch up. well, we sort of wanted to eagerly chat about something that couldn’t wait for the weekend…hehehe! ;-)

it was Ryan & i’s first time to step foot on Jumeira Rotana. we trooped to The Boston Bar, a Sports Bar we never knew existed in this side of town. Ryan ordered the sensational Chili Cheese Burger that was featured sometime ago in Time Out Dubai. i had pasta on the other hand, which i predictably didn’t finish, not because it wasn’t scrumptious but because i was afraid to eat too much that could do some damage to further upset my stomach. i kept gulping for water the whole time we were there as i was feeling dehydrated.

the mood in the bar was festive because of the football game that was on. Manchester United & New Castle were against each other, and the crowd cheered wildly when they rooted for their respective teams. i wish i brought my camera with me, but i took it out of my bag last weekend, so we didn’t have any photos. it was a rare thing for us to do – go out on the first day of the work week. we normally save the dining out thing on a Thursday. but with all the juicy stories we shared last night, Sunday definitely deserved an exemption.

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