Monday, August 11, 2008

a sad gamer

is what my husband is right now. last weekend, we had to bring his PS3 gaming console back to where we purchased it from for repair. a week ago, while hubby was playing (i forgot which game he was playing then), the console had asked for an upgrade before he could proceed. but alas! the console kept getting stuck at 99% and wouldn’t budge. he waited, retried, switched off the unit and turned it back on several times, but the upgrade kept getting jammed and won’t get completed by a mere 1%!

when we went to Virgin last Saturday, we were told that they’re gonna look into the unit and may take 5 – 7 working days to have it fixed. it could be that the software has conked up. oh well!


chung said...

hey, that's so sad. kung si papa harvs yan, hindi matatahimik. don't worry, within warranty period pa naman ata. if hindi ma-repair, i'm sure papalitan nila ng bago. harvs had a problem sa psp niya before, hindi ata magawa sa sony, so they replaced it with a new one? punta nalang kayo samin para makapag-laro si ryan and papa harvs and we can make chika! :)

Gracie said...

hi chung,
thanks for the tip about Sony's generosity in replacing conking out units...happy na ulit si Ryan :)
uy, oo nga, we have to meet up ulit soon for chika. let's sched something soon, ok?
take care!