Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one decade!

“10 years ago, under a coconut tree in Los Banos, Laguna, a boy & a girl made a promise. little did they know that the promise they made was already the start of their lifetime of togetherness.”

pardon me for being mushy. i just can’t help it…i’m so overwhelmed and enormously happy with the feeling that envelopes me.

everything has been going great for us so far. we’ve been very blessed since our courtship days. our lives couldn’t get any better! and now that we’re nearing our 3rd wedding anniversary, our only wish is to be blessed with a little angel soon. we hope and pray for a healthy bambino that will add joy to our abode.

happy anniversary to us, honey! and thank you for deciding to celebrate this day still. cheers to more blissful years to ahead of us!


chung said...

wow, 10yrs is a lot! kame ni papa harvs, 6+ yrs palang, hehe.

about your bambino, it will come, don't worry! basta right timing lang daw :)

Gracie said...

thanks, chung!
yup, willing to wait naman kami kung kelan ibibigay. tama, right timing talaga. we've just begun seriously trying to conceive. we'll leave everything to the Man upstairs kung kelan nya ibibigay ang blessing namin :)

Weng said...

wow, a decade! congratulations! it's going to be our 15th year of twogetherness come november. hee hee. :)

with God's grace, the little angel will come soon. ;)


Gracie said...

thank you, munchkin mommy! :) milestone year din pala sa inyo this year eh. wow!! 15 years!!