Wednesday, August 6, 2008

me got the sickies

sorry blogger friends if i haven't done any of your tags. your friend is just under the weather today, and couldn't last an hour in front of her laptop. still trying to regain strength from experiencing a terrible, terrible headache since yesterday morning, which finally deserted me just this midday. my body is aching and my brain cells can't think straight - feels like they've just been fried. i caught hubby's virus, so now i'm the one suffering from sore throat and clogged nose. i'm on sick leave today, but i plan to go to work tomorrow. September is just around the corner, and i have soooo much to do!!

with nothing to do today, my mind wandered relentlessly despite the pain in my head. i still have a lot to blog about but i don't know where to start. i owe you lots of stories, and one of which is the last part of our Jordan trip last month, as well as my trip in San Diego last spring, plus the trip we did last year in Monaco. sheesh, i'm such a bad blogger! procrastinator i am!

i really hope i'd feel better soon. weekend is just an arm's length away, and i have so many things planned! nothing grand, though, but just the usual stuff we do after a long week at work.

please, please sickies, go away!


Weng said...

get well soon, gracie, sweetie! nagpupuyat ka yata sa guitar hero o sa pagkukuha ng picture with your new cam eh. ;) take plenty of fluids and bed rest (with your honey bear!). :D
hugs and kisses to you! mmwah!

cheche said...

hope you're feeling better! =D take care *hugs*

Gracie said...

hi munchkin mommy,
thank u! hay naku, i wish dun ako napupuyat, pero sa sakit ng ulo & kakaubo ako hindi makatulog :( kanina nga pinatulan ko na ang boiled ginger with honey para lang matanggal ang kati ng throat ko...huhuhu - hindi sya masarap!
promise, iinom lang ako ng maraming juice & stay lang sa bahay today to rest. xoxo!!

Gracie said...

hi che,
thanks, sweetie! naku, sana talaga gumaling na ko! nangangati pa naman mga paa ko mamasyal...haaay!