Tuesday, August 26, 2008

fun-packed weekend

i’m the type of person who’s never fond of going out on gimmicks every weekend, or bar hop as frequently as the others of my age group. my days of bar hopping had ended when i turned 25, i think. blame it on my low tolerance for smoke and alcohol. since then, i’ve shifted from a party girl to a home body person. parties for me are now synonymous to nook crashing at a friend’s or cousin’s place, or casual dinners suitable for a lively conversation. anyone close to me would agree that i have indeed changed. either that or i have aged ;-)

so when i said i’d join my fellow Pinay colleagues to go clubbing last Thursday night, they were all so surprised. for one, they’ve known me as someone who’s not into the clubbing scene. and since i’m already married, they were also worried that hubby will not approve of me going out without him. but having been blessed with an understanding and liberated husband at that, i was allowed to go out on a girl’s night out with my friends at work. in fact, he even drove for me, H and M to our meeting point.

we went to Trader Vic’s at Madinat Jumeirah and The Apartment at Jumeirah Beach Hotel for some bust a groovin’. it was sweltering hot on both places as they were packed with people, but even so, we had so much fun that we parted ways at almost 3:00 am.

as if we couldn’t get enough of each other’s company, we met up again the following day. we crashed at Nick’s pad for a get-together over chips, Marry Brown chicken, home-cooked Pochero, Black Forest cake, Brazo de Mercedes, Moist Chocolate cake and Cheese cakes. and just like any other visit to Nick’s, the evening ended up as a karaoke night. thanks to his karaoke mean machine, the singing prowess of my Pinoy chums at work were unleashed!

after the rest of the ‘singing’ group had left, we decided to play a few rounds of boxing, baseball and tennis on Wii. M, hubby and i left Nick at peace at half past 2:00 am worn out and tired from all the singing and gaming.

it was pretty busy bonding time with friends at work last weekend, but i didn’t mind at all. i had an amazing time with them and i hope there’ll be more in the future! ‘till the next night out and house party!


aec said...

i can totally relate with you. i don't even remember when the last time i went clubbing! aak!

Shelly said...

Small world indeed. Those 3 ladies (Abbie, Michelle & Arjay) were my classmates back in HS. Tapos cousin mo rin si Sarj. Galing. Pareho tayo, I've bid adieu to clubbing after having a baby.

chung said...

wow gracie, gimikera ka na! :) i so love trader vic's!! sa bahrain palang, favorite na namin ni harvs yun! did you try the strawberry daiquiri? and their pulutans?! saaarraap!

Gracie said...

hi mandy!
ako rin, i can't remember the last time i went out prior to our gimmick last week. pag nag-asawa ka talaga nag-iiba na ng priorities, no?

Gracie said...

hi shelly,
thanks for the visit!michelle & arjay visited abbie so kasama namin sila gumimmick last week. i told her about your comment here on my blog. abbie & i are connected by so many people already & it feels so weird...hahaha!

Gracie said...

naku chung, ikaw ang dahilan at natuto akong uminom...masarap pala! :) at least hindi na ko 'drink nurse' at taga-ubos ng pulutan..hehehe!
daming tao last thurs so we only had like one drink each then moved to JBH. did i tell you na ang surprise hen's night ko from my DIFC colleagues in 2005 was at Trader Vic's sa Crowne Plaza? sarap nga ng pulutan nila!!

kelly said...

wow, that looked like a lot of fun! it's been ages since i joined a get-together like that :)