Tuesday, August 19, 2008

another meme

players: ALPHA / Vannie / Gracie

my roommate and i once: during freshman year in college got sick with flu at the same time. we both felt useless & pathetic!
never in my life have i: tried drugs.
high school was: fun & nurturing.
when i’m nervous: i bite my fingernails & feel a strange sensation on my teeth.
my hair: has a mind of its own.
when i was 5: i learned to climb trees.
when i turn my head left: i see a plush moose i won from 2006’s Canada Day here at work.
i should be: working & not blogging!
by this time next year: we hopefully have a new addition to the family.
my favorite aunt is: none. someone from my family might be lurking around :)
i have a hard time understanding: why my bestfriend is behaving indifferently towards me.
you know i like you if: i am generous to you.
my ideal breakfast is: crispy bacon, garlic fried rice & eggs
if you visit my home town: you’ll suffer from terrible traffic!
if you spend the night at my house: we’ll watch DVDs, eat lots of junk food & buttered popcorn & play Guitar Hero.
the animal i would like to see flying besides birds: horse
i shouldn’t have been: too lenient to people around me.
last night i: watched ‘Definitely, Maybe’ on DVD while doing the ironing.
a better name for me would be: Gracie – nothing suits me better.
i’ve been told i look like: Princess Punzalan. twice. i don’t see the resemblance.
if i could have any car, it would be: a Bentley Continental GT (in my dreams)…in reality, i’d be happy to own a Dodge Caliber or a Mini Cooper.

up for snags, peeps!


Mommie Van said...

i hope & ur best friend patches things up i hate losing a friend ^^

Gracie said...

me, too, vannie! i just hope things go back to normal soon. i miss her terribly! :(