Tuesday, August 12, 2008

afternoon treat

sorry, i just had to document this rare occasion: my frienemy at work, A, has decided to treat the gang for some after lunch sweets today. but i was the only lucky one to get something extra – my all-time favorite double blended Strawberry Banana Smoothie! i was craving for one earlier, but was too lazy to go down to buy one. so when they grabbed some sweets from CafĂ© Bateel, he took time to make a quick stop over at Caribou for my smoothie fix. how sweet!

from someone who teases me like a bully every single day at work, this is such a welcome treat indeed! he had just proven he likes ‘geeks’ apparently! (yes, he calls me such just because i love scrabble!)

note: picture posted with permission of the ‘generous guy of the day’

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