Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wednesday happy thoughts

thought of joining Mich this week.

happiness is…
- a memorable adventure holiday in Jordan
- meeting new friends
- an incredibly sumptuous Tuscan meal at Macaroni Grill
- a pep talk with the husband when things go awry
- a warm smile from friends
- phone calls from my family
- messages and friendly comments on my blog, Friendster, Facebook & Multiply pages
- hearty lunches with my Pinoy family at work
- finding nice votive candles that match our bathroom’s color scheme
- wonderful photographs taken on my birthday bash


Mich said...

thanks for joining Gracie! It's really nice to appreciate even small things ano? Makes you feel more blessed. :) enjoy the rest of the week!

Gracie said...

you're welcome, mich! i had fun creating my list. made me feel so good afterwards :) thanks for this inspiring initiative!

God bless you.