Tuesday, July 1, 2008

rarin' to go

tomorrow's our much-awaited trip to Jordan. just one more sleep! yippee!!

i’m sure we’ll take loads and loads of photos, especially in the magnificent stone city of Petra. i’ve asked hubby to bring the slr camera as i’ve heard there are excellent photo opps there (i hope 3GB will be enough for us – i’m bringing point & shoot cam to be on the safe side!). and to be able to take pictures of us both in the ruins, we bought this evening a spankin’ Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod, with a Manfrotto 486RC2 compact ball head to go with it. last year, we’ve purchased a tripod just for the Canon s3is, which i now regret. it was a cheapskate camera support, but was totally an imprudent investment because it easily broke as soon as we reached our destination. had we added the amount we spent for that tripod, we could’ve gotten a better tripod for our 40D. anyway, no use thinking about that right now. at least what we have now is a sturdy, lightweight model (1.8 kilos only) that could stand the test of time. with it’s user-adjustable locking system, and lots of angle positioning options, most notably its patented horizontal center column feature, the camera is assured that it will be handled securely and can be supported in taking pictures in various levels or heights.

on a side note, i was also tempted to get the Canon G9 that has this amazing wide lens feature (any shot would make someone look like s/he's just stepped out from a magazine), but thank God i was able to restrain myself. it was a handy (and perfect) 12.1 megapixel cam for any occasion that calls for a souvenir snapshot. actually, i personally am not into using slrs because i don’t like tinkering that much on any equipment that has more than 5 buttons to press, and options that i can’t say out loud on top of my head. i’m a straightforward kind of gal, i guess. hmmm, maybe next time, after we recover from all the expenses of the last couple of months. we’ll see how it goes.

so, to all my blogger friends who tagged me, and who recently paid my blog a visit, please bear with me if i haven’t been active in working on my tags and comments. i would still need to pack, so i promise to do all your tags when i get back on Sunday, ok?

take care everyone!


Crinklynose said...

enjoy your vacation sis! :o) btw, you wouldn't go wrong with the G9 :o) i am loving mine the more i get to know it :o) it's for people like us who didn't like to bring bulky cams like dslr's but wanted more quality pic than regular point & shoot cams :o)

thanks for the wishes btw :o)

take care,

Weng said...

hey gracie! are you still on vacation? i'm looking forward to the pics! :)

i hope you're having one heck of a good time! mmwah!

btw, i changed addresses. ;) hee hee!