Thursday, July 31, 2008

on house arrest

today is Prophet Mohammed's Ascension, so the whole of UAE is on holiday. woo hoo!! what a perfect way to end an exhilarating month.

we usually go on a weekend get away whenever there's a long weekend ahead. but since hubby has the sickies, we just opted not to go on a road trip this time. we took things easy since last night so instead of watching a movie, we just had an early dinner at our ultimate favorite Thai restaurant, The Lemon Grass, and went home straight afterwards.

today, we did manage to catch "The Dark Knight" (finally!!), have coffee at Starbucks inside Debenhams (this is our secret hide out when there are sooo many people romping at the mall), and dinner at Japengo. as hubby is still under the weather, we were home by 8:30 pm. he's now sleeping like a log, getting some much needed rest. i am declaring tomorrow as our rest day so we're definitely not leaving the house. besides, there's a lot of decluttering to do so i can work on that while hubby relaxes. (sheesh, and i just said it's gonna be our rest come i'm planning to do chores then?!?)

i hope hubby gets better soon. and i hope i won't catch the virus, too.


Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

was here ... nakikibalita! hahaha!

award for you

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
thanks for the award! dadalaw agad ako sa blog mo :)