Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday checklist

Mich asked me to join Aggie's Monday Checklist here. lovely! just what i need on a Monday morning to get me organized.

let us all start the week right by listing all our goals and to-dos for the week, come on in and join the fun!

my to-do:

1. blog about what we’ve done over the weekend.
2. organize the stuff i need to send back home.
3. shop for items needed for Ryan’s party on Friday.
4. buy a nice greeting card for the husband.
5. follow up the responses for the meeting invites we’ve sent at work.
6. call my cousin to remind him about the hotel booking this weekend.
7. email my friend, Len to know the gender of her baby (i’m doing some shopping for the babies of my friends who are expecting this year)
8. finalize the priority list for the leasing department.
9. do the laundry before the weekend.
10. do some ironing while watching Gossip Girl *wink!*

what's yours? put your blog/s on this entry and spread the organizing tip around :)

what are you waiting for? come join us now! :)

1 comment:

Mich said...

thanks for playing along Gracie! ;)