Monday, July 28, 2008

make up essentials

pretty blogger participants: 1. 100% Kelly 2. A Reality Bite

Kelly, i haven’t studied cosmetology, but i guess i love make up well enough to have a train case filled with cosmetics. to answer your tag, here are my my five make up essentials:

1. Dior Skin Compact
my love affair with Dior began exactly a year ago. i noticed that my colleague was always looking glam in her make up, so i unashamedly asked her what brand she’s using. that very same day, i trooped to the mall and tested Dior’s products on me. let’s just say it made a very good impression on me so i purchased a few. and this powder was, for me, my best buy.

my major requirement for a compact powder is that it must have sunblock. as you all know, the sun here in Dubai is not so friendly to the skin so it was good that it has SPF 20. what i love most about this product is its lightness. it doesn’t feel heavy on my face and lets my skin breathe, which is what i also want in a powder. and it leaves my skin looking soft and radiant with its natural matte finish. long wearing, too, which makes it perfect for everyday use.

2. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect
ooh, this is my favorite gloss of all! it’s truly an ultimate weapon for seduction! its deep, dazzling shine and sophisticated colors make up a perfect pout for any occasion. it is water-like and so it doesn’t have this heavy, sticky feeling to your lips as compared to Lancome Juicy Tubes. it also has a brush tip applicator which makes it easy to apply with precision. i have it in Denim Rose, which instantly gives my face a fresh look without even trying!

3. Dior Crayon Eyeliner
i never leave home without an eye liner. just like Paris Hilton & Lucy Torres-Gomez, i have a wonky eye (or sometimes called ‘lazy eye’) – the right one if you haven't noticed (my maternal grandma thinks it’s my lucky charm!) in order to hide it, i create an illusion that my eyes are bigger and wider. and there’s no other make up better to use than an eyeliner to draw a fine line along the base of my lashes to instantly give me that ‘doe-eyed’ look. very easy to apply and soft to the touch, too. and oh, this eyeliner also comes with a beveled foam blending tip and its own sharpener.

4. MAC Fluidline Eyeliner
why do i need another eyeliner, you ask? this MAC invention is what i use as a top liner. it comes in a small jar that’s very handy. but it’s long lasting so i don’t have to carry it with me wherever i go for touch ups. it’s a gel type so applying it is very easy, and smudge proof compared to liquid liners. i have it in black track. to apply, i use a brush to do the trick, and the perfect brush for this is the MAC 210 precise eye liner brush. the only con is that it’s difficult to take off so you have to use special make up remover for it.

5. Maybelline Great Lash Curved Brush Washable Mascara
beauty experts say that the best mascara in make up history is Maybelline Great Lash. and i completely agree. with its cheap price of $35, it's wand truly does magic. it’s a breakthrough eye product that thickens my lashes and conditions them at the same time. it also gives them the curliest curl ever without clumping or globbing. Maybelline brand is categorized as a drugstore make up, but for me, this mascara is still the best even if it’s not so chica. the only downside is that it’s not available here in the UAE, so i had it purchased pa in the States. and yes, i got it from a drugstore nga! :D

i wanna know how kikay my other online friends are, so let me tag ‘em pretty ladies: Drea, Cheryll, Vannie & Jacqui.


Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Thanks Gracie for sharing you kikay essentials! :) Grabe, DIOR loyalist ka pala! Mahal nun?! Hahaha!

Ako naman, Clinique and Body Shop loyalist. So tamad to experiment eh.

Check my post here

andrea said...

thanks for the tag gurl... i miss you...

i am not stressing myself sa wedding preps.. basta i made a timeline na dapat ganito ang maaachieve namin every month..

so far naman everything is okay.. buti na lang, maarte ang nanay ko and she is sharing me some ideas..

ala pa kameng invitations ngaun.. but hopefully, magpagawa na kame by september.. just waiting for leo's guest list.. gusto ko na nga lang iDIY sya kazo mukhang di kakayanin ng powers ko...

kelan ba kayo uwi?? wedding gift... dont give me anything na pang house kze dito kame sa haus and sa haus nila titira.. OO dalawang bahay... magulo pero ganun talaga ang plan namin.. pero parang gusto ko na nga ring bumukod dito sa haws pero ayoko din naman...

we really wished for monetary gift.. ang gastos kaya magpakasal... i mean.. imagine, ang mahal ng gas, cakes for ninongs and ninangs (nagrarounds kaya kame) and so forth...

pero never namin tinipid sarili namin... i mean... bahala na c batman... gracie,,, magkano lacoste shirt dyan.. in PHP ah...

mwah mwah..

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
di naman masyado sa Dior. i also have L'Oreal & Body Shop make up, but those Dior items are what i use on a daily basis. i want to try Japanese brand make up, but they don't have much here so maybe pag-uwi ko na lang on Dec. di ko hiyang ang Clinique eh, but i use the same moisturizer every morning.
thanks for answering the tag! glad you loved it :)

Gracie said...

hi drea,
thanks for sharing me your wedding woes & other updates. don't worry, i'm sure your wedding will be grand. as for the invites, can i make a suggestion? why don't you just have them printed instead of DIY? with all that you have in your plate right now, it will just consume a lot of your time.
i suspected that you would be living either with your parents or with leo's after the wedding. siguro nga it's better if we give you cash na lang.
lacoste shirt? naku mahal sya dito! kaya nga when we went home nung 2006, 4 ang binili ko sa duty free, pati si beth! cheaper pa rin dyan, i tell you!
miss you, too, girl! mwah!

kelly said...

na-curious ako sa lipgloss ng dior. i really am not a fan of lipgloss because i hate the sticky feel. i might give this a try after i finish my kiehl's =)

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
yup, give it a try & see how it works for you. at first i got intimidated kse parang heavy sya sa lips, pero di naman pala. thanks for this tag ha! :)

Vannie said...

done gracie!! at last ahahahaha