Monday, July 28, 2008


i don’t know what the hell’s wrong with my blog!

last night,
Chung sent me a message saying that she can’t read anything from my blog other than the header. i told her it may be a glitch of blogger again because it was fine 5 minutes ago.

this morning, i saw what she was talking about. kainis!!

i checked the last post i made, and saw that it was empty. the title was there, but the body was nowhere to be found. that was my post in response to
Kelly's tag. Kelly, if you are reading this, i promise to repost my answers tonight. and i’ll remember to repost it by using Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox 3.0. (i can only assume that's where the screw up came from). good thing i saved my draft!

i will devote time this weekend to migrate from blogger to wordpress. i'm paying for my domain name, but haven't utilized it and it's such a waste. well, not for long....

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