Thursday, July 31, 2008

flexi contraption

hubby's been very generous to me lately. first a groovy camera, and now this:

the coolest tripod on earth

it's an awesome thingamajig that supports any camera quite well. an Original-sized Gorillapod's legs are sturdy enough to carry the weight of my heavy duty G9. and the most amazing thing about it is that its maleable as a contortionist so it can be perched on almost any surface (even jagged ones), wrapped around pratically anything or even left hung on to a pole or branch. plus, it has a lock ring that provides extra security to the camera to ensure it's safely attached.

yes, the bendy, out-of-this-world-looking-legs seem real fun, but they're more than meets the eye. apart from being able to follow the contour of the object you're securing them to, these legs' joints have rubberized grips in them so there's a low risk of the Gorillapod slipping from where it's attached. clever, huh!

one more thing i love about this tripod is that it's very handy. it fits in most of my handbags and could also cling on to the strap of the camera bag. lightweight, fuss free to carry & so easy to use! and they have various colors to choose from, too. to check which Joby Gorillapod is right for your camera, come and see here.

of course i had to pick the one with pink color on it. pink & black - looks so Chanel, di ba? ;-)


Weng said...

i love this! it's soo cute! hee hee!

Gracie said...

thanks weng! yup, cute na, sobrang useful pa. love na love sya ng camera ko :)

Crinklynose said...

heee, i got the bigger one para i can use it for both my g9 & my hv20 video cam. can't go wrong with gorilla pods girl :o) super handy, as in :o) i can't get enough of it :o)

have a great week dearie!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
i'm so loving it, too! it goes where my cam goes :) buti na lang na-discover sya ni hubbby.