Thursday, July 10, 2008

bupa’s personality test

sometimes, it’s really fun doing some research while at work. you get to learn a lot of new things, and you stumble upon interesting stuff as you move along.

here’s what i found this morning from BUPA’s website:
BUPA World. it’s a rather unique personality test that caught my attention. first, it asks you what shape and color you think you are. if you disagree with the result, you can click on another link, where a cute little doctor character will guide you through to the test. it took me a few minutes to go through it, and when i got the results, i was impressed as they were mostly accurate – better than the ones you see in the mainstream.

here’s what the test said about me:

the results suggest you are actually a deep blue square.

“when asked to name their shape, squares are often reluctant to select the square as their symbol. however, they invariably recognize themselves in the description of a square.

squares like order; they are organized, logical, analytical and task orientated. you have a high degree of perfectionism, but you are also sure-footed and self-confident. when you are given a job to do, you will always see it through to its conclusion.

as your shape suggests, you are straightforward and honest; you can be trusted both at work and at play. you are loyal and dependable, and always a committed friend and partner. you probably find that people come to you for help, particularly on a practical rather than on an emotional level.

squares tend to be left-brained, tactical thinkers. you often make notes and lists, but often get bogged down by too much information and this hampers your ability to make decisions. in life, you are variably striving towards something quite specific and you might have more fun if you could manage a bit more spontaneity. try taking a few risks and make some spur of the moment decisions. you could be surprised how much fun you’ll have particularly if your partner is a triangle or a square.

your color is deep blue. this is the color that denotes great strength of character, and which exaggerates the traits of any personality shape. deep blue suggests integrity and maturity, but it also is a color that may conceal hidden depths, often making you appear a bit of as a dark horse. we imagine that you are in pretty good shape and that you take good care of your health and wellbeing.

celebrity squares include Daniel Craig, Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Philip Schofield, and Richard Madeley.”

trust me, it’s fun! you can also take a little quiz in there to guess which celebrities match specific shapes and colors. and the best thing about this test is that it doesn’t only let you discover the shape of your personality - when you forward it to your friends, BUPA will donate 10 pence to the Marie Curie Cancer Care. after taking the test, please make sure to use the “tell a friend” link on the site so that the 10 pence donation is guaranteed.

according to their site, this test has been developed under the guidance of Britain’s leading psychologist, Dr. Aric Sigman. more about this test can be found in the site of BUPA World.

have fun taking the test! and if you do take it, please let me know your shape and color, ok?

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