Friday, July 18, 2008

the birthday present

wondering what hubby got for me on my birthday?

in this post, i made a subtle indication of what i really wanted to get for my birthday. i thought long and hard – and decided that these two things, apart from good health and a baby soon, should be enough to complete my wishlist: either a one carat diamond solitaire ring or a classy Gucci Princy Hobo large bag in brown.

knowing my husband, i know that he’ll make sure i’d get them. not necessarily on the spot, but definitely at the right time (read: when he can finally afford it). i know the ring sounds like asking too much, but any woman’s free to dream and wish, right? besides, it’s a good investment. and it won’t really matter if that dream gets fulfilled by end of this year, next year or even 10 years from now. i didn’t say i want it pronto!

the more realistic option, which is the bag i’ve been eyeing on for quite sometime already, is unfortunately still out of stock. it’s probably a sign that i should wait till someone i know flies to Rome because it’s way cheaper to get Gucci bags there.

so, what did Ryan finally get me?

yes, my dream point & shoot camera – the Canon Powershot G9.

i’ve been reading a lot about this ultra-fab camera that’s so hot in the market since its release. it got me so curious, so on the day we bought our Manfrotto tripod, i had to see and feel it first hand. golly wow, it looked so darn pretty on my palm! i knew it’d be a wonderful addition to our growing Canon family.

it has so many incredible features i don’t even know where to start! ok, let’s see – it’s a 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor cam with 6x optical zoom, an optical image stabilizer, a 3.0 inch LCD, and an advanced auto-focus technology. you can also add a few accessories to it to maximize its features, like conversion lenses, and an external flash, which is great ‘cos i can use our Speedlite 430EX flash with it. but the best spec of it, for me, is its wide angle lens - 7.4-44.4mm f/. it’s so amazing! at a mere two meters distance, i can take a whole body picture of somebody else (with an average height of 5’6”-5’8”). totally fitted with my major requirement! and oh, do i even need to mention that this little monster can also capture RAW images? how’s that for a point & shoot, eh?

thank you so much, honey for this wonderful gift! i love, love, love it!! today, i’m testing it at a friend’s birthday party we’re attending. for a change, i’ll be behind the camera. LOL! :)


Pat said...

gracie!! that's the digicam that I long for too. wow! over the weekend i checked out canon specifically for the G9.

Gracie said...

:) it's sooooo pretty, i promise! whenever i think of it, i feel giddy happy. para akong batang may new toy!! hahaha!!

Gracie said...

:) it's sooooo pretty, i promise! whenever i think of it, i feel giddy happy. para akong batang may new toy!! hahaha!!

julliefer said...

hi gracie! belated happy birthday sis. kelan exactly bday mo? sorry ha, i haven't been bloghopping that much lately. puro takas lang. anyway, nice camera. :) and we're of the same age pala. i guess i'm just older by a few days. ;)