Sunday, June 29, 2008

sweet snail mail

this afternoon, i received the best snail mail ever since i moved here to Dubai. i’m sure those of you frequent visitors of Munchkinmommy are aware of the little contest she’d made in celebration of her 3 blissful years of blogging. and whaddaya know, i was one of the lucky winners! well, i'm not really good at winning raffle contests or anything, but since she decided to declare all those who participated as winners, i managed to fish a prize.

since the announcement of the winners last 9th June, i've been eagerly watching out for the special envelope to arrive. everyday, i always give a hopeful look to our Empost guy who makes two rounds each day in the office to deliver our mails to our desks (oh yes, we're rotten spoiled at work!). it took a couple of weeks for the envelope to arrive, and when it did, i was in total shock. it felt soooo good to see my nickname written in front of the envelope, jotted in my most favorite ink color of all. i was tickled happy! it was exactly the same kind of feeling i used to get when my Dad sends me pop-up, musical birthday or Christmas cards when i was little.

the envelope addressed to moi

i lifted the envelope gently from my desk, and i gingerly opened it from the side, careful not to tear it for fear that i might accidentally ruin what's inside. when i held on to the cards, i was totally bowled over! Weng said her cards were a bit on the toddlerish quality. i say NOT! they were perfectly beautiful! of course i didn't miss reading the message that came with it, which in truth got me teary-eyed. the message was so sweet and heartfelt! totally made my day! :D

the inside envelope & the extra-special message

cutesy handmade cards

i promised myself that as soon as i receive my prize cards, i will do my best to revive my love for arts and crafts by making such lovely cards from scratch. i may not be as talented as Weng, but i do hope i could wring out some creative juices out of me to pay the touching gesture forward to somebody else. i'd like to experience that awesome feeling of giving other people joy through my labor of love.

to Weng, thank you so much once again for the gift! it truly means a lot to me! it's amazing how God works wonders in our lives. my last memory of you in highschool was an accomplished Senior, and an officer i look up to during my Tenderfoot years in Girl Scouting. we were not really friends then, but look at us now...i feel like i've just earned a big sister in you. i am grateful for your kindness, your thoughtfulness, and most of all, for your moral support in all things. you're like my online personal cheerleader! believe me when i say that you are blessing to people, that's why you are gifted with many wonderful things in life. you make a difference in this world with your own humble ways. you are truly special, and i hope you know that. God bless you and your family always. xoxo!


Weng said...

oh, gracie! you didn't have to do this! an email would have more than sufficed...really. :D i think the middle east bound snails arrived last. the pinas bound ones arrived around the 24th of june. :) i'm happy to hear yours arrived safely. hee hee.

thank you so much for the heartwarming message of thanks. i am so touched! you're right, we weren't reallly friends back in our girl scouting days. hee hee. :) i didn't even remember you were one of 'em tenderfoot trainees! all i remember was you were a freshmen, i was a senior and we were both girl scouts. hahaha!

fate really has a surreal way of working. and i'm so happy we reconnected in a much intimate way, albeit virtually. i have every reason to believe it's my mission to be an on-line cheerleader for a lot of people. through the www man lang e maging cheerleader ako! rah rah rah! :)

take care always, gracie! God bless! hugs and kisses to you!

Gracie said...

of course your works of art deserve a special post on my blog. aba, labor of love yata 'yan! not everyone will make an effort to create me such lovely cards.

there was a reason why my mail came in a bit late. it landed on my lap just at the perfect time, just when i was too absorbed with work, and badly needing a breather from all the tasks i was doing.

many thanks again! once i finish with my own project, i will definitely share them with you.

xoxo & all my love to the family.