Wednesday, June 11, 2008


snagged this from supermodel Vannie.


not as easy as you may think. now copy paste, change the answer to suit you. pass it on to your friends, kinda hard to only use a one-word answer!

1. where is your cellphone? pocket
2. your significant other? work

3. your hair? boring
4. your mother? home
5. your father? work
6. your favorite thing? laptop
7. your dream last night? none
8. your favorite drink? coffee
9. your dream/goal? succeed
10. the room you’re in? office
11. your ex? dunno
12. your fear? snakes
13. where do you want to be in 6 years? top
14. where were you last night? mall
15. what you're not? tall
16. muffins? yummy
17. one of your wishlist items? diamonds
18. where you grew up? Manila
19. the last thing you did? bloghop
20. what are you wearing? suit
21. your t.v? LCD
22. your pets? dog
23. your computer? spiffy
24. your life? blessed
25. your mood? excited
26. missing someone? yes
27. your car? Outlander
28. something your not wearing? hosiery
29. favorite store? LV
30. your summer? hot!!
31. like someone? yes
32. your favorite color? pink
33. when is the last time you laughed? earlier
34. last time you cried? forgot
35. who will/would repost this? friends

this one’s up for grabs people! go give it a try!


Weng said...

psst...i have a tag for you. :P

Vannie said...

in case that previous comment pushed thru, disregard mo lang gracie :)

ahihihi ...pareho tau sa what your not Q! teehee