Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just graduated

…from the ‘Up Your Service!’ College!

for 2 consecutive days, i attended the Course 100: Achieving Superior Service program held at Sheikh Zayed’s newest hotel to boot, The Monarch. the training was supervised by our company’s ‘Up Your Service!’ internal certified course leaders, but had video guidance from the college’s founder, Ron Kaufman. Ron is recognized as one of the world's leading educators and motivators on quality customer service, and is the author of the bestselling "UP Your Service!" books and newsletter.

the course was useful, fun and stimulating! material is handy and easy to read, too. i’ve attended lots of customer service training in the past, but this is by far the best i’ve ever been to. now i couldn’t help but apply what i’ve learned, not just in the office, but also outside. i’ve been more critical of the kind of service i get from establishments and shops anywhere i go…especially those that charge me 10% service charge! ha! *wink!*


tracypamela said...

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kelly said...

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