Friday, June 6, 2008

honey, i shrunk...

myself!! look...

good ant, no biting please!

ouch, that hurts!

feeding frenzy (don't eat me alive!! and not in front of my building!!)

this is an art exhibition called "The Great Ants" at the DIFC by bronze sculptor, Susan P. Cochran. when we first received the invitation to the opening of this art gallery at work, i was like, "is this for real? an ant colony gallery? in the centre?" but when i saw them after a few days, i realized they were not bad. in fact, they were cute...especially these ones:

dig in!!

must get out!!

the queen laying her eggs

it's quite interesting to have them around. i enjoy looking at them on my way to work in the morning, and sometimes, i even bid them goodbye in the evening on the way home. i was tempted many times to name them, but decided not to thinking that might insult the artist :D

the gallery will wrap up this June, as far as i know. in a couple of weeks, these giant ants will be moving off to another location. just thinking about it makes me miss them already :(


Vannie said...

hey gracie, this looks like fun!:) my son calls those thing ats. hehe

kelly said...

hey, no fair! how come you can wear short shorts and not me?!

(heller, obvious ba ang sagot? kasi ang laki kaya ng hita mo, kelly! bwahahaha!)

Mec said...

that's kinda creepy for me... ahehe... but they're really well-made no?

Mec of Hope This Helps You

Weng said...

ang galing naman! i like it! :) pero kikilabutan siguro ang mga may phobia sa ants. :)