Wednesday, June 25, 2008

fully loaded

whoever said that summer is the slowest time of the year at the office is quite mistaken! since June had started, piles and piles of tasks keep coming in. not that i’m complaining, but i just find it bizarre that everyone’s chasing one another for deadlines and targets. isn’t it the season for holiday breaks?

it’s a completely different scenario two years ago. now, it’s totally chaotic! Dubai has indeed grown so fast paced over a short period of time. it’s like being in Manhattan, but sunny (and dusty)-all-throughout-the-year style. i feel like my nerves have gone haywire already from juggling too many things. sometimes i silently wish i could duplicate myself so that i could easily finish everything that’s in my plate. oh dear! *sigh!*


chung said...

can i just make you inggit and say na ako walang ginagawa? :) dalawang araw na akong "nagta-trabaho mula sa bahay" (kailangan tagalog, baka may maka-basa! haha!). i answer emails and phone calls parin naman. pero i also get to clean the house, cook, etc. hehe :) walang tao sa office. sabi nila, sa floor namin, 2 nalang silang natira (may officemate akong pinoy na pumasok nung isang araw). kaya, uwi narin siya :)

i love summer! kaya ako, hindi ako nagbabakasyon pag summer dito. sarap buhay sa office e :)

Gracie said...

buti ka pa chung! ours is different. i hope this is just a phase. i'd like my summer to be a bit laid back, too. my mind sometimes goes blank na sa kakasulat ng office correspondence & reports. haaayy!!

Shelly said...

Belated happy bday, Gracie. I'm sure you had fun. Part na ng daily bread ko ang blog mo. I thoroughly enjoy reading it.