Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fitness girl

yep, i’m now officially one of them!

eversince we got back last year from our wedding, i’ve begun putting on weight, which i refused to acknowledge despite the difficulty fitting into clothes i used to wear (and love, for that matter). however, i didn’t see any motivation for me to work on losing the extra pounds i gained. eating out and lazing around has been so tempting! until one day, i woke up to a heavy feeling – i am big, i am pregnant-looking, and worst of all, i cannot find a decent dress from my wardrobe to fit me. it was so depressing! :(

i admit i’ve procrastinated a lot going through the membership procedure. i promised myself i will do it after my US trip, but then it took me a couple of weeks to actually register. i’m not going through this alone, of course. i asked the husband join, too. we thought it would be nice to come home to Manila this December looking fit and healthy, not heavy and chunky!

i’ve been seriously working out for 3 weeks already – 5 times a week. cardio, Les Mills classes, circuit training – the works! i know i could do this because i’ve done this before, and i keep reminding myself of that. before i left Manila, i was a member at Slimmer’s World for 6 months. i went to the gym religiously, sometimes twice a day even, and when there was an opportunity, i work out 6 times a week. yes, i was a crazy gymaholic then! and now, i wanna gain back that motivation i had. i wanna feel light and energetic again.

gotta shed off those extra pounds slowly but surely. i'm trying to eat right these days, minimizing my carbs intake (especially rice), and i've started lessening my coffee intake, as well. no more 2 cups of cappuccino in the morning for me. oh well, i’ll keep you posted if there’s any progress. will be meeting with the fitness instructor next week, so good luck to me!


cheche said...

goodluck, gracie! sana ako din will have the motivation. i just think of the gym, tinatamad na ko! hahaha. promise ko din wheni get back from our holiday, i'll take the gym seriously na. goodluck to us!

Big Eyed Gal said...

I know how you feel. Haaay... I have gained weight as well and unfortunately hanggang umpisa lang ang mga pag exercise ko. The gym is really not for me but I love yoga.

Well, good luck and I'm sure you'll reach your target weight. :-)

kelly said...

good luck! para mas masaya, contest tayo! bwahahaha!

which les mills class is your favorite? honestly, i don't join any as i find the classes repetitive! though i gotta say that the body attack class is dead tiring! you'd definitely lose some pounds if you take that class religiously =D

i especially like advanced hi-lo classes since every session is different and really challenging =D

Gracie said...

thanks, che! i know, it's really nakakatamad to go to the gym, but i try to drag myself to go everyday. yep, good luck to us! :)

Gracie said...

hi big eyed girl!

at least there's yoga for you. it's really hard to get back to momentum sa pagwo-work out. but just thinking about how big i am these days, napipilitan akong magsipag..hehe! ;-)

Gracie said...

hi kelly!

what a brilliant idea! sige, para mas motivated tayong dalawa.

i enjoy attending body jam and body balance. di kasi swak sa sched ko ang body attack, although gusto ko talaga sya i-try. after 2 months siguro, i'll join the body pump na.

way to go for us gym lovers...LOL!