Monday, June 16, 2008

first and last

tagged by Weng. thanks! :D

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First real job
- Marketing Assistant at Jardine Lloyd Thompson

First screen name
- Gracie (my blocmates in college gave me this name)

First funeral
- my paternal great grandmother

First pet
- a white cross-breed canine (forgot the name!)

First piercing
- ears

First tattoo
- none

First credit card
- UnionBank Visa Card that was later changed to a UST Alumni Credit Card

First kiss
- next question please…

First enemy
- a playmate during gradeschool years


Last car ride
- 7:35 am today with hubby as he dropped me off to work

Last kiss
- hubby before i got off the car

i’m tagging
Drea, Cheryll & Laine.

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