Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dressy gracie

since it’s my birthday week, i got a go signal from the hubby to do some dress shopping. yes, i decided it’s high time i wear dresses instead of the usual jeans/blouse ensemble i strut with during dress down Thursdays and weekends. besides, summer’s already kicked in, so donning a dress is just oh so comfortable!

with my current size, it took me quite a while to find decent pieces that could camouflage my enormity. silly me for forgetting that there’s
Promod, where i could find all the girly pieces i like - with my size. LOL!

here are some the dresses i picked, which i hope i could do justice to as they are very pretty (and chic) for my taste:

Oriental tunic dress

Macrame bib dress

Canvass Safari dress

i'm thinking of wearing one of these for my birthday this Friday. i’m leaning towards the bib dress as it is the comfiest one of all, not to mention flattering on my ‘curves’, too :-P


cheche said...

advance happy bday! i may not be able to greet you n on time, better early than never!hope you have a fab time! im sure you'll look good in your dress =D

Crinklynose said...

hey dearie! advanced happy birthday to you girl!!

i love love love safari dresses!! they never go out of style :o)

anyhoo, don't forget to have a blast on your birthday!! take care!!!

kelly said...

love your taste girl!

Gracie said...

hi che,

thanks for your greetings, girl! hope you're having a marvelous time in the US.

take care!

Gracie said...

hi berns!

yup, i'm such a fan of safari dresses, too. so fun looking but classy & stylish pa rin :) thanks for teh birthday greetings! yup, i did have a blast. i hope to post the birthday story one of these days.


Gracie said...

hi kellygirl,

thanks! i just hope i could do justice to the dresses :)