Monday, June 30, 2008

birthday weekend

first of all, thank you to all those who greeted me during my birthday. i sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness, and all your warm tidings. i had a blast celebrating this milestone birthday, and here is my uber late story. have to warn you though of the photo overload! :D

i’ve always loved staying in hotels. so for my birthday, just as last year’s, i decided to book for one night at Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel. thanks to my dear cousin who works at the hotel, i managed to get a pretty good deal with the rates, owing to their family member special rate benefit. not only did i get a fairly discounted rate – i also got a two bedroom suite accommodation with freebies such as breakfast for 2, access to the Club Executive Lounge, and a whopping 50% discount at their coffee shop. what a nice birthday gift, no?

me & hubby at our suite

i was pretty lucky my birthday landed on a weekend here, so i was able to have a relaxing day for myself. hubby and i checked in at the hotel at 9:30 am, then went to St. Mary’s Church after dropping our stuff in the suite. afterwards, we had lunch at Dusit Delicatessen, where we ordered their Blue Plate Special. for drinks, i had a glass of a flavorful Strawberry Smoothie.

having lunch - all my favorites in one plate

i dared not let the day pass without taking a trip to the salon. i haven’t been to one in the last few weeks, so i took the opportunity to pay it a visit, this time with my bestie Beth. when we finished, hubby picked us up, and headed back to the hotel, where the husband surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. i knew that he may order flowers for me since he always does that on every occasion, but i was totally surprised when he handed them over to me after we got off the car. i was spaced out that afternoon because i was feeling sleepy, so when he walked towards me with the big bouquet in his hand, i was rendered speechless!

bonding time with bestie

from honeybear

i had arranged a small gathering for my birthday, where i invited my cousins, my Pinoy family at work, and a handful of friends to celebrate with me. i prepared a bowling party at Dubai Bowling Centre, where my guests and i bowled to our heart’s content for two hours. after making my guests work so very hard at knocking off some ten pins, i treated them to dinner at the nearby Mugg & Bean. the highest score of the night was by Harvey (ni Gracita), who took home a box of Cadbury truffles as a prize.

bowl a strike

an EB (finally!) with my katukayo, Gracita & her Papa Harvs

with the best husband in the world!

at the bowling centre

with my pretty cousins

blow the big 30 candle

cutting the cake

after dinner, we all headed to the hotel for some cocktails and drinks. here are some more pictures, with my gifts, too:

with the girls

a pose with the drinkers in the house


the bar

it's fun being 30!

opening a gift

lovely presents

the birthday girl

it was a fun party, all in all. i had a great time bonding with my family, and friends, plus i got to meet new ones, too. the night was capped at half past three in the morning, i think.

come 9:00 am, hubby and i roused ourselves from our deep slumber to have breakfast at The Californian Restaurant at the hotel’s 24th floor. despite the lack of sleep, i was pumped with energy as we were to catch the movie, Kung Fu Panda at the Metroplex Cinema for the 11:00 am time slot, which was exclusively arranged for all of us DIFC Authority staff and our families. loved the movie to bits! :D

we had late lunch thereafter at the famous home of peri-peri chicken, Nando's in Sheikh Zayed Road. once we finished savoring their sumptuous chicken delights, we trooped back to the hotel for a short nap. when we woke up, we packed our stuff to check out at 6:00 pm. but before doing that, we made a side trip to the Executive Lounge for some cocktails before heading back home.

it was a tiring weekend for the me, but of course, i never complained - not even one bit. a person turns 30 only once in his/her life, so he/she should make the most out of it. for my case, i obviously did! and despite my family being away from me on my special day, it was still extra special because of the guests who took time to come by and party with me.

i used to not believe in happy birthdays, but now i do :)


chung said...

hey, finally you posted your birthday kuento! so, are you back from jordan?! :)

my gawd, i really need to lose weight, para akong buntis sa picture natin! hehe! :)

chung said...

hey, finally you posted your birthday kuento! so, are you back from jordan?! :)

my gawd, i really need to lose weight, para akong buntis sa picture natin! hehe! :)

tracypamela said...

Belated Happy Birthday Gracie! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

thans for the blog visit ... so far, i'm recovering fast naman :)

belated happy birthday! loved your bday kwento..saya-saya! loved the pnik, black and silver balloons..really nice!

anyway, added up you at my blog link. hope you don't mind. :)

Weng said...

ang saya saya naman ng birthday celeb! para na rin akong nakiparty! i love staying in hotels, too! ang galing naman ng nakuha mong deals ha. :D at ang boa feathers...katuwa! hee hee.

may you have many more moments like these, gracie! birthday or not! cheers! :)

Gracie said...

hi chung! thanks :) yup, back from Jordan na. so many kwentos to share. baka mai-kwento ko na agad sa’yo pag nagkita tayo sa Friday…hehe!! :)

ako rin, fatso nga sa pics eh.

Gracie said...

hi tracy! thanks for the greeting :)

Gracie said...

hi jacqui! good to know that you're recovering swiftly. keep well, ok?

glad you liked the bday kwento. haha, the balloons were Ryan's idea. we spent an hour sa party supplies store just to find the perfect shade of balloons & other decors.

happy to x-link with you. take care! :)

Gracie said...

hi weng! naku, parehas tayong mahilig sa hotel. tumambay lang sa room pampered na ko (kse walang nakikitang clutter & no chores to do..haha!!)

really, you liked the pink boa? grabe, ako i loved it to the max! feel na feel kong bday girl ako. kikay talaga 'no?

thanks for the well wishes..xoxo!!