Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and she turns 3

Naomi Ysabelle Aveisha

hooray! my favorite niece in the world, Ysha, is 3 today! :D

we could've had the same birthday, but my sister couldn’t hold it any longer when she was giving birth, so the little princess was born a few hours before my birthday. not that it makes a big difference really because other than almost sharing the same birthday, we have more than a lot in common anyway.

she's the 'mini-me'...the little Gracie 20-ish years ago. my family says we are so much alike in many ways. my Mom sends me MMS messages of her pictures from time to time, and tells me how much she resembles me when i was her age. we also happen to have the same habits, the same interests, and the same love for books, bags and shoes. i often tease my sister that her daughter doesn’t look an inch like her. she probably hated me when she was pregnant so her little one ended up looking like the Tita Ninang! LOL!

to our little darling - HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! may you have a bright future ahead of you, and the pinkest of health as you grow older. remember that even if Tita is far away from you, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think of you. in fact, i do quite often. my gifts for you are with Tita Sarj. she’ll bring them for you on her next flight to Manila next week.

i love you very much! mmmmwaaaahhhh!!!

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