Saturday, June 28, 2008

all chores day

hi folks! i'm squeezing a bit of blog time, amidst all the stuff i need to do here at home (i.e. chores). plus i have to help the husband bake a carrot cake that my colleague ordered for one of her team mate's birthday celebration tomorrow. well, i'm not exactly baking here...i'm just peeling, slicing, dicing, greasing, and dishwashing, and that's my little way of helping out. it's quite tedious to bake a carrot cake, to be honest, so my better half really needs some assistance with these mediocre tasks (unless i want him to finish 'till midnight doing everything, the poor thing!)

anyway, we decided to stay at home today to finish a few stuff that we have neglected to do over the past few weekends. for one, i am busy stuffing the washing machine with our weeklong laundry, and i'm hoping to finish before the sun's down. i also need to change the bed sheets, and fold clothes that have been ignored over the past couple of weeks (i was busy with my party last week, so i guess i'm excused..hehe!) listing down all these chores, i am reminded of one post that has been a topic in the n@w forum, and that is the division of chores between the husband and the wife. i was itching to give an answer, but was sidetracked with other things to do. nonetheless, i am posting it here now.

i know most couples would agree with me that it isn't easy peasy to divide chores between the two of you. when one (or sometimes both) of you isn't used to doing chores at home when you were single, it's really gonna be a bit of a challenge. it will take a lot of adjustments and sacrifice of time to make things work.

my husband is a typical guy who is no fan of doing chores, especially cleaning up. i pick up his mess, like any other wife. i do remind him to from time to time, although it gets to a point where i throw my hands up in frustration, too. men are generally slobs, but it's not an excuse when you have a room mate who likes things in their proper places, if not tidy. so there, cleaning the house is obviously my job. one point for me!

now let's go to cooking. i admit Ryan is a better cook than i am, but it doesn't mean that i don't cook, OR that i can't cook, which is so untrue. there are dishes that i can whip up, which he cannot copy, so if we're up for such dish, he leaves the kitchen to me. most of the time, it's the husband who does the cooking (except cooking rice, which he doesn't fancy doing), but during weekends, i try to compensate by manning the kitchen. now that's one point for the husband!

washing the dishes is a task that we both do. our rule in the house is that if he did the cooking, i do the dishwashing, and vice versa. fair enough, right? so that's one point for each of us.

emptying the hamper is my job. i segregate the clothes that need to be washed by batches. folding clothes is also my task, although Ryan also helps me, but only when i ask him to. since i am particular with the way our clothes are pressed, i take care of that, as well. the wife - three points!

i'm still lucky because my husband is somehow domesticated, so even if i scored more than him, it doesn't mean that he's not helping me out on the household chores. he does so, but on varied levels, depending on what the situation calls for :) i noticed that he's the type who needs to be asked to do things.

other than the job of upkeeping the flat, there's also car to maintain, which Ryan is totally in charge of. i leave the driving to him, and all other responsibilities that go with owning a car (car wash, check up, etc.) i think that evens out things between us.

so there you have it, a little sneak peak of the 'chores chapter' in our married life. gotta head back now to the kitchen, before Ryan thinks i've forgotten about him.

happy Saturday, and be safe everyone!


chung said...

i remember us having this conversation during your party :) i should make points too kaso for sure din, talo si papa harvs!

Gracie said...

i'm sure guys are losers talaga sa ganitong arena. very rare ang mga guys na dependable talaga sa household chores!