Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend 21

so, how was your weekend, peeps? mine was fun, busy and tiring.

let’s start with the fun part first, shall we?

hubby & i met up with college friend C to help her out with her sister’s wedding. so off we went to the florist i recommended to finalize their order. afterwards, we went to Ramee Royal Hotel’s Sports Bar for a hearty buffet brunch. it surprised me that this four star hotel we used to ignore serve really good food. they also have wide array of selection that’s an instant plus. and their dessert station was the best! i couldn’t decide which sweets to try out, so i took a small portion of all their lovely looking desserts. everything looked and tasted yummy that i almost couldn’t feel a thing after eating. there was entertainment, of course, provided by an old couple – the man playing the saxophone, and the woman playing the organ.

after our incredibly sumptuous meal, we went to Wafi Mall for a little walk to burn the fats we gained from our gluttonous lunch. we store hopped while the bride-to-be purchased other items they still need for the wedding. hubby and i chanced upon the jug we’ve been eyeing for since we’ve seen it in the movie ‘Made of Honor’. the price tag was a bit over the top, but we just decided to splurge on it, rather than regret not buying it later on.

from Wafi, hubby had to leave us three to go home and change for his photo shoot with friends. being good girls that we are, off we went to hear mass at St. Mary’s Church. thereafter, we went to Starbucks at Jumeirah Palm Strip to have a round of refreshing frappuccinos while we discussed details about the wedding. being the only married girl amongst us three, i was asked questions from the missalette down to the ‘things to remember’ on the big day. after going through the wedding stuff, we all chatted coolly about everything under the sun. we joked, reminisced and laughed till our tummies hurt and our eyes brimmed with tears.

as hubby’s gig with friends finished late in the evening, C and i opted to stay late at the French Bakery in Al Wasl Road. despite the sticky feeling of being outdoors, we chose a spot in their Al Fresco area to savor the aroma of shisha (and for her to be able to smoke, too). my Honey was able to pick me up at 1:45 am, and that’s when we decided to call it a night.

now the busy part.

since we got home at past two in the morning, we woke up late the following day (Saturday). in as much as we wanted to gallivant around the mall because it was too hot to do anything outside, we had to drive from one place to another from 11:30 am to 7:15 pm. here’s a rundown of what we did:

11:30 am – open a new savings account (yihee!)
12:15 pm – lunch at Marry Brown, then coffee at Starbucks for some caffeine kick
2:00 pm – ocular inspection at the bowling centre option no. 1 for my birthday party. yes, i want a party because i’m turning 30, and it’s a milestone! (oops, did i just give away my real age?!?)
2:30 pm – since i had to cancel my salon appointment last Thursday, i had to go for my hair and nail treatments yesterday, and it lasted for 2 ½ freakin’ hours! by the time i was done, i was fidgety already.
5:30 pm – went to the Pioneer House booksale at Al Boom Tourist Village. it was a haven for book lovers! discount on their new books ranged from 20% - 70% off. i bought a lot of children’s books, and Disney books with CDs for my godchildren as gifts for Christmas. the hubby got himself two cookbooks, a copy of the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: The Fab 5's Guide to Looking Better, Cooking Better, Dressing Better, Behaving Better and Living Better” book, and a Dan Brown paperback.
7:15 pm – ocular inspection at the bowling centre option no. 2

and lastly, the tiring part.

i honestly didn’t mind all the drive and hippity-hopping we did over the weekend. it’s the heat that made every bit of the weekend tiring. you must’ve all guessed that the feel of summer has already hit us. it is now SCORCHING HOT!! and when we talk about summer in the UAE, that’s about 45 degrees Celsius on the average, paired with 60%-80% humidity. imagine doing your errands with this kind of heat! double the effort indeed. goodness gracious!! we couldn’t even sit in the car immediately because we have to cool it first. we dreaded the feel of the leather seats!

how about you folks – how did you spend your weekend? i hope it was all fun, too.


Pat said...

hi, gracie! ooh, nakakainggit ang booksale. btw, how's "made of honor"? Nice movie ba to watch with the hubby? Although my hubby isn't into chick flicks eh. but i will watch anything, basta si mc dreamy. hahaha!

Gracie said...

made of honor is hilarious! i think the hubby will enjoy it. we were on a double date when we watched the flick, and both guys were laughing, too. stress reliever yung movie, promise! :)

Big Eyed Gal said...

Beezee as a bee!!! Kahit ako napagod ako while reading this entry. Hehehe!