Friday, May 23, 2008

a splash of cold water

i have a personal relationship with God. i talk to Him in the same manner i talk to my Dad. when i am sad or angry or tired, i imagine myself running to him and cry like a little girl on His lap. that picture never fails to reassure me. it keeps me going no matter how tough situations are, whether at home, work or with my relationships with people.

for a fact, i know that the God i praise and believe in has a good sense of humor. He makes me crack up even at my most trying times. and when He thinks i am in need of a good jolt, He opens my eyes to wonders and blessings that i sometimes fail to recognize. most of the time, He does it astonishingly during mundane moments of my not so extraordinary life.

case in point: everybody knows that yesterday was a real bad day for me. in as much as i tried to cheer myself up, nothing seemed to work. even my favorite Strawberry Banana smoothie from Caribou, which the barista had double-blended for me didn’t do the trick. as i worked towards the end of a busy week, the further my mood slid down. by the time i had to leave the office, i was totally slumped. for the first time, the thought of the weekend didn’t excite me.

when i got home, i tried to fight off the mood through entertainment. i sat in front of my laptop, double clicked the latest download from Torrent and watched David Cook triumph over ‘Archie’. afterwards, the husband, who was an avid follower of the recent AI, showed me the all-star episode that i missed – the Idol Gives Back. it was hilarious and totally entertaining, as it was also heartbreaking. in a futile attempt to fight off whatever emotion i could have from a TV show, i guarded my feelings pompously, until i came to the part of Annie Lennox’s report which had me crying for a full minute. it literally made me feel so ashamed of myself for feeling so down for something so lame compared to what those children are going through, and yet, i was the one who’s on the complaining end. for someone who’s been so blessed in many ways, i acted like an ungrateful child, and i hated myself for it. in my teary mode, i humbly told God how sorry i was, and admitted that His plan was very brilliant to make the frustrated me come to my senses. it was as if my face had been splashed of cold water just at the right time (a splash similar to what Shamu does when you’re on the soak zone!).

yes, i know i may not be better than a sourgraping chipmunk who had lost all of its nuts at all times, but i do know when it’s time to wake up and count my blessings. God sure does know when to set the alarm, and He makes sure there's no snooze button for me to press.

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Weng said...

we all have these moments, gracie. :) and we're entitled to sulk and cry over things and events that didn't quite go our way. but the important thing is getting over these knowing things will get better...and the best is yet to come.:) hugs and kisses to you! mmwah!