Thursday, May 8, 2008

rice feast

in my week long stay in the States, i never had rice at all. so i’ve started craving for the ultimate Pinoy staple food since i hopped on the plane back to Dubai. would you believe that from Saturday till yesterday, we were at Chowking each morning because of their breakfast meals? of course, having rice for breakfast is the way to start your day! i ordered tapsilog (twice), daingsilog and shanghai lauriat that filled me ever so happily. i took a leave today, which is a relief to the husband who had gotten tired of eating breakfast in the same place 4 days in a row.

to take our palates off the taste of garlic rice, hubby took me to dinner last night at Lemongrass, our new favorite Thai restaurant. we ordered their signature dish, Med Goo plus Talay Pao to go perfectly with Kao Suay, their fragrant Jasmine rice. to describe our meal ‘divine’ would be an understatement!

the husband with our seafood delights

...and this is me daydreaming with my rice

tonight, we will be watching ‘Iron Man’. but before catching the movie, we’ll have to have dinner first. hmmm, i wonder which restaurant we’ll end up eating at. well, i don’t mind which restaurant really, as long as they serve rice. i can start dieting next week.


shopaholictiestheknot said...

hiya gracie! when you watch iron man, make sure to stay till past the credits. : )

Gracie said...

yes, we did :) thanks for the tip, pat!