Sunday, May 11, 2008

kid at heart

that’s how i felt after spending the sundown at Al Qasba yesterday. we spent about a couple of hours just taking snapshots.

at first, i felt bored just sitting in there watching my companions click away.

not until we started watching the Al Qasba Musical Fountain do its magic.
here are pictures of me goofing around like little kid:

in fact, the kids began playing in the fountain after i did. husband thinks i’m such a ‘promotor’. well, the fountain is there for the kids to play with, right? in this kind of weather, one of the most fun thing to do is get wet!

here’s more:

let’s not forget the pictures of the dear husband practicing some shots with his brand new 17-85mm lens:

nice pictures, huh? all photos are taken by our friend K. thanks, dude!


Weng said...

kaaliw ang pics! love 'em all lalo na yung sa fountain. abby will love that place. hinihintay lang namin mag-reopen yung waterpark malapit dito sa bahay namin. i'm sure malapit na kasi mainit na eh.

Vannie said...

grace! ang saya ng pics!!!