Sunday, May 11, 2008

feeding Kelly’s curiosity

i know this is long overdue, but as they say, better late than never.

here are the guys who make me feel kilig, and who i will most probably date, IF and only IF i weren’t married. (yup, date only - not sleep with... conservative ako! haha!)

1. Patrick Galen Dempsey

you all should know by now how huge my crush is on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. Mc Dreamy. such a charming face he has…haaaayyy! i love the way he smiles, laughs, cries – i love everything about the guy! i’m still pretty upset that he didn’t win People Magazine’s ‘sexiest man alive’ award. i think he deserves the top spot better than Matt Damon. don’t you agree with me?

2. Justin Timberlake

i’ve had a crush on this guy since N’Sync days. he was cute then, ngayon yummy na…hahaha! if i were to date him, i’d probably ask him to sing and dance for me…in private!

3. Zac Efron

seriously, i don’t care if you call me cradle snatcher. this is my blog so i can write whatever i like. and if i say i am crushing on this 21-year old hunk, you are not to judge me! ;-) i first saw this cute jock in the movie ‘Hairspray’, and then saw him next at Disney’s ‘High School Musicale’. wow, those gorgeous pair of eyes – they’re tantalizing indeed! i’d be happy to be in Vanessa Hudgens’ shoes right this very moment, even for only one day.

4. Brendan Fraser

yah, yah, i know this guy can be such a corn ball, but won’t you admit it that he’s awfully good looking? ‘Mrs. Winterbourne’, ‘With Honors’, and ‘The Mummy’ are his most notable performances for me - notable simply because he looks really gorgeous in all these flicks…tee hee!!

5. Hugh Jackman

do i have to even convince you people why i picked this guy?
back in high school, i used the code name ‘Jean Grey’…and he’s definitely my ‘Wolverine’!

6. Brendan Fehr

the only bad boy among my list. he's the rough-lookin' cutie Michael from ‘Roswell’, and he’s the reason why i never missed an episode of that now-defunct series.

7. Gerard Butler

the ultimate hunk. the uber sexy guy. the man of the hour. need i say more?

8. Marc Nelson

a surfer dude’s look can never go wrong: washboard abs, lean body, a knock out smile...what more can a girl ask for?

ladies, feel free to snag and tell us who you desire (ooh, sounds sleazy!).


weng said...

haaaaay! i love patrick dempsey! when we were watching "enchanted" with friends a couple of weeks ago, i joking said, "abby, that's your real daddy." hahaha! bad 'no? :P

at si marc nelson, naku, matagal na rin akong patay na patay dun! sabi ko nga kay hubby suwerte siya at una ko siyang nakilala. hahaha. i saw him one time in eastwood at nagpigil lang akong huwag siyang salubungin ng yakap. hahaha! bakya! :P

i got this tag, too but i chose to do it on my food blog. so puro hot chefs ang nilagay ko. ;) but if i were to do it again, nandun talaga si patrick at marc. *sigh*

Chung said...

at the moment, my ultimate crush talaga is mcdreamy!!! i swear! have you seen made of honor? we watched the last full show last week sa MOE! ang guapo niya! have you seen him dun sa versace (or was that armani? i forgot. basta yung naka-suit siya) ad niya? overly majorly guapo! :)

isa pang crush ko is is nate from gossip girl :D

Gracie said...

hi weng!

aba, marami pala tayong things in common - lalo na sa taste sa guys...hehe! natawa ako nang sobra sa mga revelations mo, lalo na nang sabihan mo si abby na si patrick dempsey ang daddy nya!! hahaha!!

at di ba winner naman talaga sa pagka-papa si marc nelson? :D

Gracie said...

hi chung!

ako rin, sobrang crush ko sya!!! i've seen made of honor na rin last weekend. so far, lahat ng recent movies nya napanood ko na, at wala pa akong nami-miss na episode ng Grey's Anatomy since they've started airing again after the writers' strike. basta may GA sa torrent, automatic download na agad!!! :D

and yes, that was a Versace ad kung saan nakakamatay ang ka-gwapuhan nya!!