Wednesday, April 9, 2008

photography 101

since Ryan got his new toy, i’ve been fussing over getting him into some photography classes to learn some tricks of the trade. Gulf Photo Plus is just a couple of weeks away, and he still hasn’t decided which sessions he’d be interested to sit in. it would be ideal for him to attend the 2nd May, which is on a weekend, so that he has something to do while i’m away. but the thing is he hasn’t, till now, made up his mind. tonight, i’ll make sure that we’d sit together so he could start choosing his sessions before all the seats get filled up.

i’ve also heard from my fellow Filipina colleague who’s into photography that Lightform International Filipino Photographers Guild (LIFPG) offers Basic Photography Class every Friday morning, only for a minimal registration fee. yesterday, i had the chance to finally inquire about the session, but was told that the next batch available is on August. haay!! that’s still 3 months away! anyway, i’ve already placed in my calendar to start registering him by mid-July so that he can certainly get a slot. they only hold workshops with a maximum of 20 students per batch, and i am more than eager that he gets in.

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