Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maie's a missus

last Thursday, we attended the wedding party of my former team mate and friend at work, Maie. i finally had the chance to meet the lucky one, Ahmad, and was pleased to see that they look blissful together. the party was held at the upper deck of the Barasti Bar in Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Jumeirah Beach.

when we arrived at the hotel, hubby and i proceeded to the room where the bride was being made up. my friend covered the event, so we had the privilege to actually see them prepare for the evening. while Maie’s hair was being done by the stylist, i couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. i remembered my very own moment not so long ago. i imagined she was feeling so excited about everything, too.

feeling so excited for the bride, with hubby looking on

after her hair was fixed and her veil set in place, i saw that beautiful, twinkling look in her eyes. i think every happy bride has that distinguishing look. i felt like crying when she finally turned around with her gorgeous white gown and flashed her cheery smile! since there were no other people in the room, except for her husband (they got married in a separate ceremony), the photographers and Ryan, i had the honor of helping her put on her shoes. i was like a pseudo-bridesmaid!

helping the bride with her shoes

when we finally went out to see the place for the party, we were bowled over by the romantic look of the place. there were luminaries along the steps and all over the place. calla lilies added a touch of life and glamour to the tables. gold chiffon draperies hung on the trellis and were illuminated by soft, white rice lights, giving the place a romantic feel. it had a view of the harbor and the ocean.

i knew most of the guests as they were also colleagues from various departments. i was able to introduce Ryan to them, who was by now quite popular at work because of his baked goodies. one of them couldn’t stop raving about the carrot cake when she spoke to the husband, and another was even begging for the recipe.

the husband & me

it was also an opportune time to catch up with former colleagues who had moved on to other companies. hubby and i had a nice time chatting with Y, who came alone as her husband JP was unfortunately not feeling well that evening so he couldn’t come.

it was a magical evening filled with laughter and dancing. everyone came in their festive mood, which made me very pleased as i saw in my friend that she was really happy. i could not wish for anything else for my dear friend, Maie and her husband Ahmad. i trust that they’ll stay happy together for many, many years.

the newlyweds


Vannie said...

hi gracie, lovely wedding.
your dress is fab!

Gracie said...

thanks vannie! pansin mo ba pati straps nung dress matching sa straps ng shoes ko? coincidence lang yan..hehe!

Kelly said...

you look fab, gracie. love the dress =)

Gracie said...

thanks kelly! :) o di ba carry na rin kahit 'healthy' looking ako! haha!

chung said...

hi gracie! i will hopefully be in dubai in the coming weeks! you want to meet up? :) let me know!

i'll send you a message in facebook nalang with my mobile no! don't want to give it here :)

take care and see you!