Saturday, April 5, 2008

long overdue gift

i recently got my bonus for last year’s performance, and guess what was the first thing i bought? nope, it’s not an LV bag, which i usually buy during bonus season. in fact, it wasn’t even for me. it was a much coveted toy for my better half.

since it’s launch last year, Ryan wouldn’t stop talking about this particular digital SLR camera. he’s been so generous to me since he found a job here, so i thought of giving him something special, even without an occasion. and this is what i got him:

…hubby’s very own Canon EOS 40D - the perfect SLR camera in this desert country! thanks to its built-in Integrated Cleaning System that includes a self-cleaning sensor unit, he’s not gonna be bothered when it’s hazy and sandy outside. other cool features of the camera are its magnesium-alloy exterior, 10.1 megapixel image quality, and a 3.0 inch LCD monitor with Live View functions. and did i mention it’s super fast? (bagay sa may asawang mahilig mag-pose at magpa-picture..hahaha!) more about the camera can be found here.

i also got him a BG-E2N battery grip and an 18-55 mm lens to go with the body. i promised to get him the 17-85 mm lens and lens hood when i fly to the US this April.

my hubby’s friends are into photography, thus, the influence. in fact, two of them are freelance photographers here in Dubai. Ryan simply wants to make photography his new hobby, so i’m hoping to get him a seat to some of the sessions in the upcoming Gulf Photo Plus Photography Workshop so he could learn a thing or two about basic photography.

while hubby tinkers with his new toy, i’ll enjoy our good old Canon S3IS and keep it with me in all my business travels and lakwatsas.

yes, we’re such Canon lovers. can’t help it – we just love things that work!

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Big Eyed Gal said...

WOW! Sweet mo naman... ;-) Ako din, I want a digital SLR for myself. Canon rocks!