Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i'm in love!!!

have a look at this piece of beauty.

LV Galliera PM

i’m drooling!!

but hubby wants me to get this instead. he thinks it suits me better. besides, design nga naman ni Marc Jacobs, so it’s like getting two designer bags in one...LOL!

the must-have Manhattan GM

pero sana September na! my list is getting longer…waaaahhh!!

(pictures are from e-luxury)


vanniedosa said...

wow!!! he's getting u an LV ? sweet!!! i lik
e the 1st one

QT said...

i like the 1st one more din. it's more girly.

Bunnie said...

lovely bag indeed! nice choices! :-)

kelly said...

gracie, pahabaan tayo ng listahan! bwahahaha!

i heart the galliera PM (heard the GM is humongous!)

Gracie said...

hello girls! :)

i like the first one, too. sabi ko nga kay hubby yun na lang kse cheaper pa. bahala na...baka may bagong design na lumabas ulit before sept. i'm gonna wait & see. pwede ba kseng 3 bags na lang? hahaha! i wish!!