Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 years

…is how long i’ve been with this company, and today's my anniversary. wow!

i feel like celebrating so i asked the husband to have a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks at 21st Century Tower this morning. it was considered a treat because we rarely eat out for breakfast due to limited places that serve breakfast here before 8:00 am. for some reason, they serve it here after 8:00 am - so much for the ‘early bird gets the worm’ proverb! anyway, it was a lovely morning, - not too hot & not too cold either. we talked about the local news, our plans over the weekend, and even had a nice chat about – guess who?? – Bryan Boy & Marc Jacobs…hehe!

anyway, i told hubby that i’d like to take him out on a date tonight to continue with the celebration. we’ll have dinner first, and then catch a movie (i get to pick the flick, and actually am torn between ‘Fools Gold’ and ‘The Reservation’). i’m craving for Thai food, and i’m highly considering the Lemon Grass in Oud Metha as i’ve heard so many rave reviews about it.

we will be starting our weekend right tonight, and i can’t wait. hubby says i can buy a gift to myself, and i’m already going crazy thinking of what to get. nothing too fancy as i’m saving up for the US shopping end of this month. tee hee!

having said that, happy weekend & be safe y’all!

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Vanniedosa said...

happy weekend gracie!! ^_^ have fun on ur date. ahihihi