Monday, March 24, 2008

unhappy feet

work has never been this busy.

all the trouble working on a particular event that we've begun preparing for since last year took its toll on me. i had a few bouts of this weird sensation that makes my jaw feel like the teeth it's holding are gonna fall off in one go. i had back aches, sore arms and swollen feet. i was literally tired...beat and dead tired.

for days i ran in the office like a headless chicken with gazillions of thoughts racing through my head, not to mention with bloodshot eyes. my make-up couldn't hide the stress i was feeling then. the headache from racking my brains trying to think of solutions to some unexpected blips that happened didn't go away despite 2 tablets of Panadol. i felt like the world around me spun out of control, and my weak body could barely get a grip. i was literally shaking i thought i'm gonna have a heart attack and become a vegetable.

by the second day of the event, i decided to be more calm in facing all the pressure. and to be more comfy, i brought with me my trusty Havies to work. the little me walked in the hallways of our office wearing my crisp suit (in skirt) and my periwinkle flip flops. i only wore my heels when i went to the CEO's office, and when i escorted our VVIPs to their meeting rooms. for the rest of the day, i allowed my feet to breathe. i didn't care if people joked about my footwear. when my colleagues would begin giving me a funny look, i would defensively say "i have shoes". i was so tired to even care if i looked stupid. comfort became my priority.

i am sooo glad that packed week was over. next time it happens, i may bring a pair of sneakers instead. they'd be good for running ;-)


Vanniedosa said...

wah, i know the feeling of unhappy feet, before i used to wear pumps a lot, ngayon on very rare occassions nalang! ahahaha

Kelly said...

nice pair of pumps :)

Gracie said...

hi vannie!

hay naku, i was wearing skirt kasi that day so i had to wear pumps. i always wear suits kasi kaya laging pumps ang sinusuot ko. magpalit kaya ako ng wardrobe, no, para change din ng shoes? hehe, tacky!

Gracie said...

hi kelly!

thanks! :) alam mo bang pinag-isipan ko pang mabuti bago bilhin yan. buti na lang binili ko kasi madaming nagagandahan. feeling ko maganda ang mga feet ko pag suot ko sya…hahaha!