Wednesday, March 26, 2008

through the years

yesterday, my friend at work Maria gave me and Ryan a nice Christian book as an Easter gift. it is a compilation of 250 anecdotes that touches upon love, kindness, family and friendship. while waiting for Ryan to pick me up from work, i skimmed through the pages and stumbled upon a touching story about friendship, and how it lasted even beyond death.

when we got home last night, it was rather late than the usual, but i had to do some chores first before calling it a night. when it was finally time for me to retire, it was already past midnight, and i couldn’t get myself to doze off immediately.

so while willing myself to get to dreamland, i contemplated on the story i read and thought about my friends back home. i thought of my old friends whom i’ve known since gradeschool years, as well as my childhood friends who’ve made my kiddie years the happiest i could ever imagine. i’ve always been proud of the fact that i had a happy childhood, and that i would never trade those years for anything else in the world. i had scars to remind me of my mischief, but have not regretted getting them. if i had been too careful before, i wouldn’t have learned how to ride the bike, climb up a tree, play every street game imaginable, and even discover how to go over our locked gates to play outside when i was 6! (this is something i am still able to do at this age – even in platform heels!!)

i also reminisced the fun memories i had with my high school friends, and ushered a short, thankful prayer for being blessed with such wonderful people who were not only there for me during my happy moments, but who were also present and supportive during my trying times. in spite the distance and all, we know we are still friends no matter what. and i thank today’s technology for keeping me in touch with them.

i’ve also brought to mind friends i’ve met during college years: my blocmates, my batchmates, my room mates, classmates in GE subjects from various colleges, my brods and sisses at UP Student Catholic Action, my friends from Freshman Bloc Assembly - all these brilliant people whom i’ve lost touch with now, but haven’t forgotten. these were the people who kept me sane while in university, and i cannot thank them enough for making my life colorful then.

i’ve also thought of my friends from my previous jobs - people who have opened my eyes to reality, who made me understand what adulthood means, and who’ve taught me a lot of essentials in facing life in general. they’re only but few, but i’ve proven through time their kindness and genuine friendship.

i was flooded with memories last night, which made me resolve that i will never miss going home to Manila at least every year. it can get pretty lonely at times when you’re miles away from home. nothing beats the feeling of laughing with your real friends, and this feeling i terribly miss. *sniff!*


Munchkin Mommy said...

it's amazing how so many people have come and touched our lives, 'no?! and what's more amazing is how a lot of them turn out to be friends for keeps. this entry is a wonderful toast to friendship. :) cheers! :)

ps: it's also my fervent wish to be able to come home every year. :)

Vanniedosa said...

hi gracie!
don;t worry bout it, were lucky now we have lots of ways to communicate! ahihi

tagged u here

Gracie said...

hi weng,

halata bang homesick ako? hehe!

seriously, i’m so blessed to be surrounded with wonderful people. God is good talaga! it’s now up to me to appreciate His gifts. and friendship is just one of them.

God bless you & your family.

(me signing this FILLED with positive thoughts)

Gracie said...

hi vannie,

oo nga, thanks to technology talaga!
thanks for the tag – i’ll work on it na. cheers!