Thursday, March 6, 2008

spiked after five

after a long, hard day at work last Tuesday, i decided to unwind by heading down to our next door neighbor Jumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard to do some window shopping. i wanted to see how the Coach Patchwork Swingpack physically looks like, so i dragged my friend at work Abbie to take a peek.

as we were exiting the building, Nick caught up with us and decided to tag along. after spending a good 10 minutes at the Coach store, we walked over to Scarlett’s for an after-office drink. i am never a fan of alcohol, but since i really had a tough day, i decided to grab a Breezer and a frozen margarita. Abbie and i were lucky because it was also Scarlett’s ladies’ night so we got ourselves free coupons for our drinks.

Nick, Gracie & Abbie…you don’t wanna know what topics we talked about!

i’ve never gone out on a weeknight for a very long time, and i was quite happy that i did. it sure relaxed me! that minimal alcohol intake served as good sedative for me - i slept like a baby all throughout the night.

with the many crazy things happening at work and at home, it was a welcome treat for me. tonight, i have booked myself for some treatment at the salon, and i just can’t wait!

and oh, did i mention it’s Thursday today? Thank God it’s the weekend!! :D


Munchkin Mommy said...

"i've never gone out on a weeknight for a very long time," tell me about it! hahaha! i'm glad that little detour lifted your spirits. you would have been a lot happier if you bought a bag, too! ;)

enjoy your time at the salon and the rest of your weekend! remember, think positive thoughts and count you blessings! :D hugs!

thea said...

sabi nga nila, work hard, play harder! well, it's your "play" time naman. :D

hey sis, you're tagged:

Gracie said...

hi weng!

grabe, i couldn't even remember the last time i went out after work. usually pag thurdays (fri & sat kasi ang weekend dito), hubby & i just visit my cousins, have dinner or watch a movie tapos uwi na.

they didn't have the bag i want sa coach so wala akong nabili. actually, nawala ko rin yung Coach scarf ng bag ko that very same night. naisip ko punta na lang ako sa Coach outlet store sa San Diego next month. lapit na naman yun di ba? :)

the salon time was fun. the hairdresser must've sensed my stress the whole week so he decided to curl my hair during blowdrying. i felt really happy afterwards.

yes, positive thoughts na every minute of my day. thanks mommymunchkin!! xoxo!

Gracie said...

hi thea!

mismo! kaya mula ngayon, i'll think of ways to treat myself naman.

hey, thanks for the tag. i'll come & visit.

happy weekend!