Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a planner after 1st quarter

i’ve always been a fan of Louis Vuitton. i love their leather goods, not just because they are iconic, but also because their designs are quite sturdy and functional. they produce fine leather products that could last for years, and even guarantee you of repair when the stitches are damaged.

the last time i had a serious craving of an LV item was in January (see
here). i’ve placed a reservation, but i’ve begun losing hope that the local stores here will have any stock.

for now, my latest covet is this, and this time, i hope i’ll be lucky:

Medium Ring Agenda

how it looks like inside

i saw one this morning at my colleague’s desk, and i just couldn’t help but be jealous of her *hehehe!*

would you believe i’m still using my 2007 Starbucks Planner to jot down notes for myself? i dare not bring them to the office because it’s so bulky, not to mention old (kakahiya!) so i just use it at home to organize my thoughts and plans during weekends. exasperatingly, there’s not much choice of dandy planners here, and silly me for forgetting that LV sells ‘em, too.

if ever i become unsuccessful at grabbing one from Burjuman or Mall of the Emirates this weekend, i’ll take it as a sign to wait till September and get it from Monte Carlo instead, where i’m sure it will be a lot cheaper, and not to mention tax-free, too. anyway, my trusty old planner still works for me, so if i don’t find one, i won’t be that heartbroken. ;-)


chung said...

naku ha, LV planner is too much! magkano ba yan? bili ka nalang ng PDA phone, pareho lang ata ng price? :)

may price pala ako from you! salamat ng marami!!! naku, i've been so busy and sick, kakalabas ko lang ng hospital, di na tuloy ako nakakapag-blog!

andrea said...

gusto ko rin ng LV. sa kakatingin ko sa blog mu, I am fascinated to buy one.. Haay.. with all the wedding expenses..

Gracie said...

hi chung,

mga AED 2K dito siguro ‘coz online it’s roughly AED 1,700 when coverted from Euros. i have yet to check pa. i’m a creature of habit that’s why i prefer a planner over a PDA. i like writing my thoughts rather than typing them. handwriting exercise na rin for me kse lagi na lang akong nagty-type - ang pangit na ng sulat ko! besides, ayoko na ng another gadget to carry around – mas may tendency na mawala ko yun…hehe!

hey, i hope you feel better now. what happened to you? i hope papa harvs was around nung na-hospitalize ka. take care, sis! big hug to you!

Gracie said...

hi drea,

yup, LV is really nice. it’s one fashion item that will never go out of style. you can save up for it naman, pero i suggest after the wedding na lang so it won’t get in the way of the preps expenses. just save all your blog earnings.

have a great day!

Vanniedosa said...

hey gracie!

nku oks na ako sa starbucks planner ko..ahaha

adiktus ako sa planner2 kse i have to jot things down kundi i forget!

kelly said...

I hear that LV in Dubai is the least expensive. True? or just 2nd to France? :D

Gracie said...

hi vannie,

ako rin super addict sa planners...but since walang Starbucks Planner dito, i have to find other planners to rely on. i don't trust my memory that much anymore kaya there's a need for me to write things down.


Gracie said...

hi kelly!

i'd say 2nd least expensive ang Dubai. and the stores here are not so strict when you buy kung tourist ka. sa France kasi and Monaco, they would ask for your passport when you buy (esp. the Chinese nationals). cheapest pa rin sa France and Monaco 'coz you get tax refund, which is like 20% of the total price.

Kelly said...

20%?! That's huge!

Aggie said...

Hi Gracie, holy heck, that is one planner! LOL. I hope all your plans come true and you get to be lucky indeed! Thanks for taking time leave a comment on my blog ha :)