Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the perfect title

wanna know why i named my blog “A Reality Bite”?

the reason is to pay homage to that very precious book bound 200++ page manuscript with the same title that i’ve written back in college. i wrote it almost 10 years ago to detail what i’ve done during my practicum days (yikes, it’s like giving away my age…hehe!). a documentation of all my experiences when i first took a bite of reality in the working arena, and what it felt like in the dog eat dog (corporate) world.

“A Reality Bite” was my ticket to graduation. it took me a semester to finish it, and man, i spent a lot of days and sleepless nights working on it – from the first draft, down to the final published version, and all that chasing of signatories to have it authenticated and approved. not to mention balancing my time with my other major subjects in full load - from speech communication to writing to theatre. whew! thank God for my then advisor, Professor Emeritus Edelwina C. Legaspi, PhD, who had guided me all throughout the way, and treated me with utmost patience since day one!

so now you know why this blog’s special to me. and that’s a little trivia for you. ;-)

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