Tuesday, March 11, 2008

beauty and…ahm, beauty only

i bet this girl is gonna hit super stardom! after all, she’s so confident! *tongue in cheek*

hilarious is such an understatement. i rest my case.


Kelly said...

i can't believe she even passed the initial screening.

gaya ng sabi ko kay peachy, buti na lang hindi ako si paolo. hahaha!

Gracie said...

i was speechless when i saw the video yesterday. what were the judges' thinking?

anyway, i learned from my friend who formerly joined the bb. pilipinas pageant na pre-determined daw talaga ang winners before the coronation night. she was just happy enough to be included in the "taf ten"...hahaha!!

Big Eyed Gal said...

Have a same entry about this... Gorgeous mind think alike! :-)

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Grabe! I was literally covering my mouth para di ako magkasala... I don't want to go to hell. :-) Hahahaha! Taf ten!!!