Monday, February 11, 2008

the story of stuff

a colleague shared with me this interesting 20-minute movie about “stuff”. it is quite an attention-grabbing short video that gives an overview an item's life cycle, starting from how its raw materials are extracted, how it is produced, how it is marketed to consumers, how we people use it, and how we dispose of it. fascinating details, i must say.

i promise, this short video will change the way you look at your “stuff”. for shopaholics out there (ehem!), this one’s for us:
The Story of Stuff.


chung said...

hi gracie! i have a new blog address! i haven't updated it yet but please update your link... and use my new name! :) i'm hiding my true identity! hahaha! :)

Anonymous said...

nyak, hindi lumabas yung link ko:


Gracie said...

hi there "chung"!

sureness sweetie:) i'll update na.