Friday, February 1, 2008

she one person full of love and ardour in all the right places. loves unconditionally, period.
…is my sanctuary, my complaint department, and my sounding board in one.
…is the most generous person i know. always goes the extra mile to make her friends feel special even when there’s no specific occasion.
…is a sister every being would wish to have.
…is every parent’s dream daughter.
…is a friend everybody would want to have.
…is the best Maid of Honor a bride could ever ask for. (our wedding wouldn’t be as spectacular, in our standard, as it was if it wasn’t for her and all the help she’s extended to us)

i call her by many names – Be (“diing maragsa”), Beth, Bes, Lizzie, Bachuchay, but my favorite term of endearment for her is Pangga. she is my bestfriend, my soul sister, and my partner in crime on a lot of things. i am so grateful for having her around - i couldn’t express elaborately how much she’s made a difference in my life! i pray to God that she be granted with all her heart’s desires, and ask fervently that He bless her with good health, not only for this year, but all throughout her lifetime.

sister, happy birthday to you! i pray for your continued happiness and success in life. you deserve only the very best! we may not be connected by blood, but by soul, we definitely are. i hope you bear in mind that you have a family in us – Ryan & myself, together with my parents and siblings.

love you loads!! mwah!

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