Sunday, February 3, 2008

off to the race

25.01.08 - one chilly Friday morning, we braved the cold front and drove to Dubai Autodrome at the Emirates Road to watch some real car racing. we were looking forward to catching the Dubai Grand Racing (Speedcar Series) this year, not because we were interested with the teams who were joining, but simply because we wanted to take some pictures and hear some engines roar like crazy :P

as soon as we got there, the ever coffee addict me dragged everyone to Costa’s booth for a cup of steaming coffee. since we were situated in the middle of the desert, the winds that day were blowing gustily. with a temperature of 17 degrees, that’s not something my Pinay body could withstand, so picture me with a jacket on top of my knit sweater, and cursing under my breath for wearing Havaianas flip flops, for heaven’s sake! (toink!)

anyway, since we arrived early, we got great seats in front of the finish line, and near to the bend so we could really see some action. however, we only stayed for half a day ‘coz we could no longer bear the cold. plus, we didn’t go for the VIP tickets so we were not able to go down the pit and paddock area, where all the hive of activity took place. nonetheless, it was all fun and exciting! we will definitely come back to check out the finale on April.

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