Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my first blog award

this 5-Star Blog Award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification. a blog of excellence in the following criteria: content, design and style, informative and accommodating.

i am honored to receive this award bestowed by Abie – sis, thanks very much! :D

i am passing this on to Gracita, Weng, Fritzie and Berns, whose blogs i find truly entertaining. i’m always cheered up whenever i pay their blogs a visit.

to all of you girls, keep those posts coming! :)


Munchkin Mommy said...

hi gracie! thank you so much for this award. i'm touched! :) cheers to us bloggers! :D mmmwah!

Yen Prieto said...

nalink na kta sis. =)

grace said...


ako din, ever since i found that post of yours about toilet cleaning etc, i have been frequenting your blog!

to my great surprise, magka-pangalan pa tayo!:)

thanks talaga for this! :)

vanniedosa said...

hi gracie!

linked you already, thanks for visitng my site.:)

Crinklynose said...

thanks dearie!!!!!!! made my day!! hugs!!