Tuesday, February 5, 2008

click the new click-wheel

writing does pay off.

this is my prize after submitting an article to the monthly newsletter of our company, the DIFC Diary.

with the “eclectic mix of art and culture” in our organization, i thought it’s only but timely to write about the upcoming Chinese New Year for our Thought of the Month column for February. i actually wasn’t expecting to receive any token for my article, so i was surprised when i found out from my friend at work, Abbie that i will be getting an iPod Nano for my published piece of writing. yey! another free Mac stuff...not bad :)


Crinklynose said...

right on girl!!! :o) i wonder if you could choose the color that you want? heeheee... tc girl!

Gracie said...

oo nga eh...i'd like to own a pink one! :)

take care also & hugs to you & your cute, cuddly babies!