Monday, January 28, 2008

paint the town, er, pink

finally, after 2 years of denying the fact that i need a spiffier mobile phone, i decided to get myself something a bit more on the updated side, yet handy and still very much stylish.

presenting my new loot – a
Sony Ericsson z610i! :D

i know it’s not exactly “new” new, but when i saw it at Axiom two weeks ago, i instantly fell in love with it. well, who wouldn’t - with it’s rose pink color, smooth finish, and hidden mirror effect – it’s every Elle Wood’s dream phone. what an eye candy! it’s successor, the z750 is already out in the market, but i opted to take on this instead because of it’s color and functionality. it’s practical, savvy looking and its features fit my personality and lifestyle to a tee.

however, i also realized that i can’t completely savor my new companion’s features unless i actually have the ample vision to see things clearly. yep, my eyesight has been on the deteriorating side lately, and the constant headaches i've been having for the past few days prompted me to get myself a new pair of eyeglasses. i bravely faced the sad fact that i am now gonna be part of that percentage of people who rely on spectacles on a day to day basis. blame it on bad reading habits and too much time spent in front of the computer!

anyway, i still feel pretty lucky for having found a good optometrist around my area. i just went downstairs to our centre’s basement retail strip and came across the Visual Optics shop where a lovely lady Filipina optometrist assisted me. she patiently showed and explained to me various lenses that would suit my needs, and cheerfully helped me find the right frame that would flatter the shape of my face. and what do you know, i ended up with another item in the shade of pink!

i got myself a pretty good deal with this frame not only because it does look nice, but also because it came with an affordable price. the shop was having a sale ‘til end of the month, and my choice’s price tag was slashed 40% off its original price. thanks to my ALICO health card, i can reimburse the expenses for the lenses and test, and technically just pay for the frame. woohoo!!


grace said...

OMG! i have the same phone!! in silver!!! kailangan na talaga tayong magkita!! :D

Munchkin Mommy said...

hi gracie! congratulations on your new loots. :D that's quite a spankin' new phone and glasses you got there! ;) have a great week!

Gracie said...

hi grace din,

see, i told you we should meet up na! baka twins tayo in our past lives :)

Gracie said...

hi weng,

thanks! i really love 'em...and surprisingly, lalo na ang eyeglasses - i can see better now! everything's crystal clear :D

a great week to you, too!

p.s. hubby & i always look forward to reading/watching abby's antics & singing talent...she's so adorable. count us as two of her fans! :D