Tuesday, January 15, 2008

instant holiday

am i just lucky or what?

i have just gotten back from my holiday last Sunday when the news broke that yesterday's gonna be a public holiday due to the closing of major thoroughfares in the Metro. i know it sounds “over the top”, but the reason behind all this fuss is the visit of US President George W. Bush to
Dubai. not that he is that widely accepted to deserve such special treatment, but we have to face the fact that he has also become very unpopular with the choices and statements he’s made, hence the hostility of a great number of people against him, especially in the Middle East. as a prime target of assassination and terrorist attack, a huge portion of Dubai has been blocked for security reasons. this did not come as a surprise for us, anyway. when he went to London for a visit, half of the city was closed. same thing happened in the various locations he visited, which also resulted in major gridlock, similar to what we have encountered the other day. Sheikh Zayed Road had literally become a parking lot for hours, and motorists were fuming mad!

we wanted to take advantage of the unexpected holiday, so we planned on catching a movie at the nearby Sahara Centre since our area wasn't affected by the road closures. but with the kind of weather we had yesterday, we decided otherwise and chose to stay home. to pass the time, we brought out our favorite boardgame, Scrabble.

not wanting to ignore the craving to eat more when it's cold and raining outside, our thoughts turned to Champorado, which we had for merienda. we still have stock of tuyo, but feeling lazy to fry some in the middle of a tight game of Scrabble, we made do without the dried, salty fish partner. it was still a yummy treat nonetheless!

i guess our day went well, and it was a welcome, er, break for us... *tongue in cheek*

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